Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing tourists in San Augustine

We left Barefoot Landing around 7h30 with a little less than 300 miles to make it to Saint Augustine. Up to Georgetown, uneventful motoring through the Golf heaven that is Myrtle Beach. Going out through the Georgetown, I though I could turn south before the last marker and hit a submersible jetty that goes parallel to the channel all the way to the end. No damage, but a big scare and a reminder that no matter your experience, you are never totally protected against stupid mistakes. Sobering and humbling reminder.
Then we went on with our two nights crossing to Saint Augustine, a first for Karen. She did very well, just got a little quizzy at the end with the constant rolling caused by following seas. Nothing serious.
We got to Saint Augustine in time for the 8h30 opening of the Bridge of Lions, which allowed us a full day of playing tourists, including a horse drawn carriage tour, a Sangria in a tavern which uses local wine for the preparation and a nice pasta dinner in an Italian Trattoria recently opened.
I had rented a car late afternoon for one day so that we could do the provisioning today. We then visited the fort Castillo de San Marcos, something that I had never done although I have visited Saint Augustine several times.
Tonight will be quiet dinner on the boat, with a Halibut Chowder prepared by Karen. I intend to leave mid morning tomorrow to get to Cape Canaveral on the outside and arrive there early morning on Thursday. There is some strong wind forecast for Saturday and Sunday and I will adjust my plans accordingly. But I will get to Fort Lauderdale on October 31 late afternoon.

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