Thursday, February 2, 2012

Return to Pestel

I was not planning to stop in Pestel on my way to Porto Rico, as I had nothing to bring to the place and I did not want to create false expectations. However, the meeting with the President changed everything and I felt obligated to be the one to announce there that I had committed myself to help with organizing the Festival of the Sea in March 2013.
This was a very emotional and intense return to a place where I had left a big chunk of my heart back in the 90's.
It started with my first fan in Pestel, Drivelhomme who had travelled from Roseaux, where he works, to meet me in Grand Goave and sail with us to Pestel.
Arriving in Pestel was i
ncredible, with groups of folks dancing and chanting my name.
I anchored the boat in the lagoon, and after receiving aboard my closest friends, madame Jacques, Antonie Antoine, Antilhomme, Castrat, Claudel and many others, we went to visit the village and meet with the local priest and seek his support for the Festival of the sea.
The day ended with a fantastic dinner at madame Jacques, with plenty of local food (Riz Dion Dion, Lobster, Conch, fried plantains, etc . . . ) and entertainment provided by our brother Piper, known by o
thers as Scott Rogers.
Upon leaving, we did a very quick detour to see what was left of the little marina that I had built there (Libertalia), just to confirm that everything would have to be rebuilt.
But there is first
a lot of work to be done to prepare for the festival to make sure that the village is once again ready to welcome visitors from Port au Prince and provide accomodation, food, drinks and entertainment.

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