Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grand Goave, Pestel at Anse d'Hainault

We had left Mole St Nicolas on February 2nd at 9:00 p.m. with 49,961 nautical miles on Papy Jovial since I took over on January 24, 2008. We arrived in Grand Goave at 2:40 p.m. with 50,064 nautical miles and there was still enough rhum in the bar to celebrate.
Someone told me that you are qualified to wear a golden ear ring after 10,000 miles. I would need five ears, so I gave up the  idea.
We took a mooring at Richard's home while "Dove" (Joe's boat) anchored almost on the beach.
In the afternoon, we had a good party on Papy Jovial, with Bertold and a german journalist who wanted to talk to me about "pirates" in Haiti. He did not realize that he was talking to the  wrong man and was disappointed that I could not confirm what he had been told.
That evening, we had a party at Richard's home and performed the ceremony to accept Richard in our brotherhood. As always, plenty of food, plenty of drinks, and no need to drive since our boats were just right there in front of the house.
The next day, we topped up our fuel tank from a disparate collection of plastic cans (35 gallons in all), before having again dinner ashore, leaving for Pestel at sunset.
We went through Pestel like a rocket, spending only one night there, having arrived early in the morning. But we had again a memorable dinner at Madame Jacques, with lots of excellent haitian food, lobsters, fish, fried plantains, rice and beans, yams, etc. . .
The next stop, in our express visit through Haiti was Anse d'Hainault where we were welcome by the mayor. Actually, when we arrived, he was at home, having installed a viewing facility for people to watch a soccer game between Brazil and England. In Haiti, when the Brazil soccer team pays, the  country is put on hold.

And we left early again, rushing to get Robert in time in Dominican Republic to visit a future relative (don't ask for details) before flying back home.

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