Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last day before going North

As planned, Sunday morning, we first went to do the shopping at Carrefour, Genipa. Not much, but still, you always need provisions.
Then, after taking the provisions to the boat, we drove to Philippe and Odile, at Le Diamant, for a last lunch for now. It was nice to be able to spend some time just the four of us and discuss matters that interest us. We also talked of those common friends that we knew from the time in Haiti, who have gone their way as we have ours.
We then went back to the boat, for a well deserved nap, especially with this very hot weather.
Drinks chez Ernest
At 7, as planned, Christian came and paid a short visit to Papy Jovial before we went to the Embarcadere, my favourite restaurant in the marina.
And then, again, time to leave and say good bye, but not for too long as we will see them in Normandy.
Next morning, breakfast with "cafe creme" and croissants. Then clearing out at the marina for customs and immigration.
Then, I had to surrender the keys to the lady who rented us her old car. I had to wait for an hour, as nobody could tell me what time she was going to open. Eventually she showed up, I gave her the key and went back to the boat and we left for Roseau, Dominica.
This has been a very pleasant time in Martinique, and we will most certainly spend again some time on the way back in two years time.

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