Thursday, May 30, 2013


I forgot to mentio that we passed a milestone yesterday. Since Tom and Sarah handed over to me the care of Papy Jovial born Precept, I have covered 55015 miles over the ground as of yesterday noon, TU+1 time.
For the last 24 hours, we had a mixture of light wind and no wind, but we were able to cover 136 miles and at noon we were 778 miles from our destination, at 45:29 N and 18:05.7 W. Since then, the wind has dropped down to less than 6 knots and we have to motor sail. This is a little worrying as obviously we know that we cannot motor for more than 4 days, even at 1200 rpm. So we have to manage the use of the engine and of whatever wind is available as efficiently as possible.
Karen is not in the best of shape and has to rest as much as she can. As a result, Jean-Paul is taking a bigger share of the daily chores, washing dishes and cooking.
We are still looking at either Plymouth or Cherbourg as possible stops to refuel and we still think that June 6 afternoon would be a possible time of arrival.

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