Thursday, June 6, 2013

Land !

It is a tradition at sea that the first person to see land after an ocean csrossing is entitled double ration of rum. I already had that privilege reaching Horta, and once again, I was able to spot the light house of The Triagoz today AT 4:15 p.m. this afternoon. So, more rum coming my way.
At noon, we were by 49:02.1 N and 4:07.9 W with 160 miles left to get to Cherbourg.
That means that we won't get to Cherbourg before tomorrow late afternoon. Given the fact that it is very lilkely that there will be no or minimum service available in Rouen, such as laundry, Wifi, shore power, water, etc..., we are choosing to spend one day in Cherbourg to clean and dry the boat and get ourselves back in human shape.
This has been undoubtedly the most challenging crossing of my six ones, and we will be delighted once we can look forward to some normal time before`we embark on some more navigation in the`Baltic seas and beyond.
I know that there`are many people`who follow that blog on a daily basis and I want to thank them for being with us. It is always a great moral lift when you know that you are not alone. Tomorrow, we will reach Cherbourg and I will brib a last posting to this transatlantic crossing. But there will be more navigation to follow, starting with the Baltic sea, then IUreland and the British Isles.
Again, thank you for being with us.

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