Friday, October 31, 2014


bayona to Lisbon
Finally, after 37 hours of motoring, we arrived at 08:00 french time to a marina located right under the first bridge (for road traffic and subway). The marina was closed to the point where you had to have a code to get out of the dock area ! So we escaped the noise of the bridge and sailed back to a muche better place, closer to the mouth of the river. We had drinks at Peter Sports bar with the same logo than the one in Horta then lunch at a restaurant on the marina with good "tapas". Then a good nap while Jean-Paul was exploring the nearby town. He came back exhausted having walked almost 9 miles and found nothing in that town. We need a hair dresser, an optician to repair Jean-Paul's glasses. Then Gin and Tonics at Peter and Tapas at the same restaurant. We slept well and this morning the shuttle of the marina is taking us to Lisbon. I hope to take a few pictures.
So we left late morning for Lisbon in the marina's car and we arrived in time for drinks and lunch. We started with a kitttle walk in the old city and stopped at a small open market to sample "Sangria with red Porto wine" . After that we went for a "bacalhau" meal, starting with bacalhau fritters and then main dish with bacalhau (cod). After lunch we walked by to the main square by the sea and hired a tricycle scooter and driver who took us to the  old town for an hour. We enjoyed it a lot.
then we had tp wait for the`car from the marina and`were`driven back to the  boat where we arrived around 6:30. Then it was Gin and Tonic at "Peter Sports bar' and a light dinner of gambas grilled wit garlic. We are now back on the boat Jean-Paul trying to retrieve a picture of Tifille on the tricycle scooter and me getting on with the blog, but I am going to bed soon. Tomorrow we will fill up with fuel and leave for Lanzarote, hoping that we can sail part of the way. See you then. . . . .

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