Monday, October 20, 2014

under way

At last Papy Jovial is back playing her favourites games, tacking. Not our favourite however ! We left Granville on Saturday at 4 p.m. Jean-Paul, Tifille and me. We were going West and the wind was, guess what,! from the west !. Actually we got enough South in it so that we could sail a direct route for the first 70 miles of a 150 nautical miles trip. Almost immediately after we left ang gertting out of a group of boats that were taking the start of a Club regatta, the Autopilot which had started the day doing fine failed again. This time it might be the result of a conflict between the windvane and the pilot and we don't know the exact cause of the failure (broken part, burnt fuse, etc. . .) After Those first 70 miles, as the picture of our track shows we had to start tacking and as a result we covered 226 nautical miles instead of 150 miles on a direct route. We arrived in Camaret in windless weather at 9:36 a.m. on Monday with confirmation that a nasty weather system was going to get through on Tuesday. Consequently we decided to stay put on Tuesday, rest and recover and reorganize the boat to take care of what was thrown around the boat during the passage. This first run was a good test for me. I have difficulties keeping my balance as if I were a beginner, and I got easily tired .Thanks to Jean-Paul who did the better part of the work, especially during the first night when he stayed on deck most of the time. The second night, I had to get involved a little more which was fair and fine.
So, tomorrow will be dedicated to the boat, a little bit of last minute shopping, cleaning and laundry checking again the level of fuel anf filling up if needed. We already know that going to Bayona near Vigo will be mostly motoring. And hand steering as well. Little sleep in the forecast. Next post might be just a test while we have an internet connection to check on the satellite phone set up. I hope to get everything going fine as it did during my circumnavigation.
So long !

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