Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sometimes, being solo sucks. Tonight is one of those times. I went to a restaurant not far from the marina, "Cape Fear Restaurant" and had a very good meal with excellent service. However, nobody to share with . . .
The weather is still unfriendly with rain and strong wind.
Fortunately, I have Ezio and Stephanie a phone call away whenever I need a boost for my morale.
I still hope that I will be able to make Morehead City by Tuesday morning and carry on in the waterway. However, I am worried that I might fall asleep while out there and get into some kind of trouble. Depending on how I feel and how the weather looks, I might spend the night in Wrightsville beach, leave Tuesday morning at daybreak and spend the night Tuesday to Wednesday at anchor in Morehead City. Ezio showed me 2 anchorages that I like a lot better than the ones south of the fixed bridge.

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