Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A huge first step

Given the fact that at low tide Papy Jovial is hard agroung by almost 10 inches, I decided to move the boat the day before the departure and take a slip at Cooley's landing. This was a 1.3 miles journey with a shameful ending as I made a complete mess of the manoeuver. However, we got safely in, and once we had finished with connecting everything, Mike, a friend of Gary, came to meet us at the boat. Since he was riding his motorcycle, it was decided that we would walk to the Irish Bar where we would connect with him.
Unfortunately we went to the wrong bar, and by the time we had realised our mistake and gone to the other Irish bar, he had already left. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a good beer and the atmosphere of St Patrick's day in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Then, it was back to the boat and ready to leave the next morning.

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