Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The real shake down

We had to wait after nine to leave as there is restriction on the bridges in the New River. So, we left around 9:20, but by the time we got to the railroad bridge, it was just coming down. So we tied up on an old dock to wait. We then made the 11:00 opening of the 17th street bridge.
And we went out. And hell broke loose. With a very strong ESE wind and the tide going out, the cut was very very rough and all kinds of stuff flew through the boat. That's when I realised that my plates do break when they hit the floor.
We flew all the way to West Palm Beach, at almost more than 8 knots average, with the gulf stream almost all the way, but it was kind of uncomfortable and Gary was very happy that we decided to come in and stay inside for the next day.
We spend the night in an anchorage totally open to the south, and the night was noisy and unsteady. I did not sleep well as I have not yet built confidence in the anchor.
Anyway, it withstood well and we were able to leave the anchorage around 8:20 the next morning, staying in the waterway, with a southerly wind of 24 to 28, sometimes 30 knots.
One bridge got me stressed at indiantown, with a strong wind and tide pushing towards the bridge.
Eventually, we made this one and the other and went into a nice, well protected anchorage into Fort Pierce, before getting to the inlet.
Tomorrow looks like another windy day and we will stay in the ditch and try and go into the souther tip of Merritt island.

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