Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hopping along

Today is going to be a very short day as I only plan to go to Coinjock. I left early, around 7:15 to make sure I got there before the wind starts to blow from the South, as the weatherman is predicting.
Shortly after leaving the Alligator River marina, I found myself hard aground in the middle of the waterway, actually right on the magenta line that is supposed to materialise the waterway. No damage and no problem, but I wish I knew an easy way to report that shoaling, as there will be probably some more doing the same.
I arrived at Coinjock before noon, having had rain and drizzles all along. But I don't care. The temperature is now above 50 and I can shed a few layers.
I felt so good that I went for lunch at the Coinjock marina restaurant for crabcakes and chocolate mousse cake.
Tomorrow will be as short as today, since I will only go to Great Bridge and tie up before the locks, waiting for Stew to join me on Saturday morning.

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