Monday, March 23, 2009

More of the same

I am glad I decided to stay inside. I left Harbour Village marina at 7:00 this morning, with 38 degrees temperature (3 Celsius) , a clear sky and no wind. By ten o'clock, the wind started to come back but still like in a nice spring day, at something like 5 to 10.
I stopped at the new river marina to take fuel at $1.63 per gallon ! At the harbour village marina it was 2.75, and in Wrightsville Beach I saw one fuel dock at 2.91 . Crazy.
Anyway, I carried on with not much excitement until I reached Bogue sound. That is when the wind started to blow real good to gust at 30 knots. I reached the Morehead City anchorage at 4:00 pm with the wind still at 25. Anchored there and got ready for a good steak, some beans and a nice glass of Bordeaux wine. I deserve it, this was a long day at the office . . . .

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