Monday, April 13, 2009

5 weeks to go

A second week has gone by and I feel that I an not making a lot of progress. The part for the genset which was supposed to have arrived Wednesday or Thursday is still nowhere to be seen. Sailmaker and electronician came and gave their first coat of "looking at", but nothing specific has yet been achieved.
On the mechanical part, alternator wiring and electric wiring have been reviewed and cleaned up. With lots of doubts and questions, both blowers (one pushing fresh air in the bottom of the engine room, the other sucking air from the top and pushing it out) are installed and working, but I will have to monitor air temperature in the engine room and electrical consumption before being satisfied.
The freezer is still under review. I found the sensor for the thermostat outside of the sleeve which is alongside the cold plate and the manual says it should be inside. But, if I put it inside, it cans of cuts off too early and does not restart until it is too warm in there. We will call the manufacturer this afternoon and find out.
Today, I also plan on reviewing the Halon system. The manual says that when the ignition key is on, the light in the cockpit should also be on, but it is not. We will check and take it to recertification.
On Saturday, my bike ride was cut short but rain, wind and cold. And on Sunday, Mike cancelled the ride and instead of riding on my own, which I should have done, I watched the end of the Masters on Internet.
I start this third week with more energy than I have had the last two and I hope to make good progress. Time will tell . . . .

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