Monday, April 6, 2009

One week gone !

More than a week since I arrived back in Portsmouth, and my list of lists is not getting much shorter. In fact, since I am adding more stuff everyday faster than I can strike items out, it is getting longer.
Last Monday, I moved out of Scotts Creek Marina  and took a mooring just outside Cary's and Don's shops, at the Portsmouth Boating Center, which makes it a lot easier for them to work on the boat, with their shops and tools just there.
On Saturday, I was even able to do a short ride with Mike. For a first ride after almost three months of doing nothing, in terms of cardiovascular exercise, we only did 20 miles, but it felt very good to 
be riding again. I will try and ride tuesday and thursday so that I can do a little longer one next Saturday.
This week, the repairs on the genset should be completed and the list for the sailmaker should be out of the way. On Wednesday, we should also go a long way on the electronics. I can't wait to try and check the Tracking Transponder.
We are 41 days away from departure, including today.

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