Sunday, May 24, 2009

In the washer

8h30 a.m.Sunday 5/24/09
32:33.35 N 80:00.08 W

It had started quite well and I was quite happy to have chosen to sail
downsouth outside. Up to early evening, I was sailing with main and
genoa and under the steering of the Monitor. But as the night fell, so
did the wind, and the whole night it was a continuous dance between
motor sailing and sailing without motor.
At day break, as I was crossing the channel into Charleston harbour, the
weather started to deteriorate significantly, with a line of showers
that does not seem to have an end. The wind inside those showers was
strong enough that I felt the need to drop the main. Being on my own,
obviously I do that with the main sheet loose. And of course, all that
in a pouring rain.
As I dropped the sail, the boom came down more than usual and was
rubbing against the top of the bimini. The boat was rolling violently
and before I could immobilise the boom, the top part of the bimini was
damages. Not a disaster, but another repair to be done in Fort Lauderdale.
Looking for the reason of that low boom, I discovered that the metal
part that links the boomvang to the mast had bent almost to a 90
degrees angle, which had caused thte boom to drop maybe an inch and a half.
I quickly set up a topping lift with the spare halyard, but the damage
was done. And I probably can't use the main sail until I find a
solution. Not that it matters since the wind has shifted to SSW, dead
in my nose.
I will be entering the South Ediston river, as I planned to drop the
hook in Big Bay creek.
I will change my plan and instead of anchoring for the day and go out
again tomorrow, I will continue up the waterway today, and stay inside
until I feel that the conditions weatherwise and boatwise are safe
enough to do so.
So bye bye to the leisurely day of cooking and resting today, instead I
will try and make as much progress as I can and place a few phone calls
to organise repairs to the boomvang and the bimini.
Actually, I do not mind another quick stop in Beaufort, SC which I had
enjoyed on my way up North in March.

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