Sunday, May 24, 2009

The repairman

I got to the anchorage around 12:30. I entered very cautiously as the map and the reality are quite different. Once you are in the Big Bay Creek, there is plenty of water and I went all the way to the end of the area with lots of houses and boats, as it is quite active today for the Memorial Day Week-End.
As soon as I was anchored, I looked at the problem with the boomvang. Not only the part is badly twisted, but I can see that there is far too much play and I would have to find a way to secure the connection between the boom vang and the mast.
Using whatever tools I had, I 
managed to unbend the fitting. But I could not find metallic washers with a 5/8" inside diameter. So I used the rubber packings for water hoses and I know that I will have to be extra careful when using the main until I can get that design fault fixed permanently.
Once this was done, I went through the routine of getting ready as early as possible tomorrow as I have changed my mind again. If I can make it to the Sapelo sound (82 miles), I would be only 97 miles from Saint Augustine and I could attempt to make it in one run, or split it by stopping for the night in Fernandina Beach and then anchor way past Saint Augustine on Wednesday night.
As far as I can tell, the weather is looking good at least until Wednesday, and all will depend as to whether I feel very good or if I ne
ed to rest.

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Checking for Carl Tutt in Wilmington (and surrounding area), NC. Not located. There is a Carl Tutt in Milton, FL near the Gulf...since by the water, may be your man.