Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finish line in view

We are now less than a 100 miles from Manta. We got to the coast this
morning at 8:00 not far on the west side of Esmeralda, and since then we
are motoring, and we will be until we arrive. We are all hoping for the
WNW which was supposed to show up today, but we are still expriencing
the same kind of weather that we have had since Isla del Malpelo, that
is lots of clouds, a few rain showers and a persistent SSW wind, 10 to 15.
Yesterday, a small boat with outboard engine and three fishermen on it
showed up alongside at more then 90 miles from shore, the fishermen
making frantic gestures. We understood what they were trying to tell us
unfortunately too late once we got our fishing line caught in one of
their own lines. Fortunately, we were able to get free after coming to a
heave to, and we were soon on our way.
We have had a few pulls on the fishing line, but everytime, either it
was a small fish that got eaten by a bigger one, or the fish managed to
free itself, but we came up empty handed everytime. We still stand at
3-1 in favour of the fish.
Although the sea is still a little rough and we are motoring against the
seas and the wind, we should be able to make Manta around 8 to 9
tomorrow morning.
The next entry into the blog will be made from a more stable platform.

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