Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nothing to report

No change since yesterday, except that the wind veered 15 degrees south
to become SSW and we are no longer on a direct course for Manta but for
Esmeralda. With the wind blowing at 10 knots and the swell being still
significant, I am wondering how we would be doing motoring. I will try
this afternoon and see what the numbers are. So far, we have only used
the engine for 38 hours and we still have probably 58 gallons of diesel.
The solar panels are doing a very good job and we don't have to use the
genset or the engine to recharge the batteries. With the windvane, we
are not burning a lot of electricity although we keep the freezer on all
the time.
This morning, one fish nibbled on the lure but did not get hooked. So we
are still 3 to 1 against the fish.
Yesterday, we celebrated Bastille Day by opening a bottle of Bordeaux
wine. On the menu, unfortunately no fresh fish, but pork chops and rice
We still have potatoes, one green pepper, a couple of tomatoes and
enough onions and garlic. But it is time to reach our destination to
replenish with fresh veggies.
The days are now well set. At 8 in the morning, breakfast prepared by
Jean-Francois. Then lunch at noon prepared by David who stays on duty to
prepare the cocktails at 6 p.m. Then, I cook dinner which we have in the
cockpit at around 8 p.m.
We keep 2 hours watches, which allows us to sleep in intervals of 4
hours, which is almost a luxury.
As for water, our daily consumption runs at 6.3 gallons per day. with a
spike of 3 gallons for any shower being had entirely with fresh water.
We still have some 180 gallons aboard, so we can afford that. However,
we have set a sea water shower at the back of the boat using the wash
down pump, the hose and a sprinkler head. After taking the shower, we
can rinse using the camp shower that Stew at put on board. It works
absolutely perfect and use less than 1/2 gallon of fresh water per shower.
All in all a perfectly uneventful life at the office.

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