Monday, August 3, 2009

Back on track !

We probably lost a couple of hours during those last 24 hours as the
weather conditions are really difficult to cope with. We are almost
running, and the windvane does not like particularly that. But after
some adjustments, we finally got it right and it is working well now.
With the help of higher authorities, we also managed to make use of the
whisker pole for the genoa. Not ideal, as this genoa requires the clew
to be pushed down otherwise it spills all the air upward, but it is
better than nothing. We are again going at an average of 6 knots, and in
the right direction.
Our ETA has not changed. For those who have not managed to follow us on
the Purple finder map, at noon we were by 6 degrees 12 minutes South and
102 degrees 17 minutes West. We had 2181 miles to go to Fatu Hiva.

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