Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rock and roll

We are moving again, as I expected to. In the last 24 hours we have
covered 149 miles over the ground and closed on our destination by 147
miles. But we have to pay that by a continuous and heavy rolling that
does not facilitate the work of the cook and of the crew when it is time
to reset the sails.
At noon (TU-7), we have 2037 miles to go to Fatu Hiva. This makes
cocktails time the right occasion to celebrate 2000 miles to go.
So far we have consumed a total of 33.6 gallons of water.
Fresh supplies have dwindled down to four tomatoes. On the non green
stuff but not canned. we still have potatoes, onions and carrots. Won't
last for ever though . . . .
Our ETA remains the same as mid day on August 18 in Fatu Hiva.

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