Monday, August 31, 2009

I spoke too soon !

The ideal weather conditions is far behind us. Since early this morning,
we get heavy swell from the south, rain showers, and very little
apparent wind as it is right in our back at 12 knots. With the rolling,
the sails are flapping furiously, and I decided to hoist the Yanmar sail
rather than risk damaging the sails or the rigging. Hopefully we should
be out of this area by nightfall tonight. We are crossing the
archipelago of the Tuamotou and this might be why we get those rain
showers. This is also a good reason to be attentive as I read in a few
guides that there might be as much as 4 miles difference between the
actual position and the position on the map.
At noon today, we had 272 miles to go and I still expect to get to
Papeete on the 2nd, but possibly in the latter part of the day. In that
case, we will anchor in a spot given to me by a brother of the coast
from Tahiti and wait for day break to go in.

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