Monday, August 31, 2009

the Marquesas

Why do we want to visit "exotic" places, far away from the mass
migrations of tourists, not yet swallowed up by our civilisation and our
consumerism. Somehow, we come to see people who have not yet received
the full benefit of modern way of life and who are still travelling on
horse back and live in huts made of local material. And we are a little
disappointed because we find four wheel drive pick-ups, prefab houses,
cable TV, internet, ATMs, supermarket, etc.....
My feeling is what matters is to preserve the local culture, music,
arts, artifacts, local food, the language, but not complain if the local
residents want to enjoy same as us some of the benefits of modern life.
Another thing that bothers me a little is the fact that because people
from the outside come and settle here, buying land and building houses,
the cost of living goes up and through the roof and maybe one day local
residents won't be able to afford living in their own place.
Many questions and very few answers, as far as I am concerned. But I
leave the place wishing that those people will keep enjoying a happy
life as they are doing now. I must say that I was impressed to see that
France has built decent infrastructures in all the villages that I
visited, power station, water treatment plant, cell phone towers, few
roads, and administration (post office, police, health care units).

Today we had the good side of the Pacific Ocean. Nice breeze at 10 to 15
knots, very little swell, few clouds. We should still get to Papeete
either on the 2nd afternoon, or on the 3rd morning. I won't go in at
night and wait outside for daylight if we get there too late on the 2nd.

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