Saturday, August 29, 2009

Roll and roll again !

Not much to say about the day. We had a wonderful start with gennaker
and main on a calm sea, but that did not last. We are now back to 3
reefs in the main (not because of the wind but so that the genoa would
get some air since we can't pole it any more) and the genoa, and we are
creeping forward at 4.5 knots with the old familiar rolling enough to
keep our legs in shape.
Yesterday, we caught a bonita that I prepared "a la matelote" which is
in a red wine sauce. My crew liked it.
For today, we covered 121 miles over the ground and closed on Papeete by
119 miles, so that we have 540 miles to go. We might get there either on
the 2nd late in the day or on the 3rd. If need be, I will slow down to
arrive on the 3rd morning. No night manoeuver, please !

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gary and beryl said...

Gary here Whangarei I may have a crew for you Noumea to Whangarei.Fisherman,sailor. I have given him this site to see what he thinks. Do you still need a crew?