Monday, October 26, 2009

current the wrong way

Another beautiful day, wind pushing us in the right direction, seas at
less than 6 feet, blue sky. Almost perfect. Only this damn current going
the wrong way which has cost us today 17 miles. Fortunately, this was a
25 hours day as we pushed the clock back one hour to UTC+12.
We have covered 159 miles through the water but only 142 over the
ground. Never mind, we don't complain as we are now only 33 miles from
Port Moselle where we might even arrive 28th evening, although we would
not enter but anchor outside.
Today the fishing line quit, or rather the mechanism of the spool. My
two fishing men rigged a "manual" line which is supposed to work just
the same, except that you have to keep watching it in case of a bite.
Basically, just two more days on the high seas before a good night sleep.


Anonymous said...

Andy here from the Y in Chesapeake. Mike was kind enough to pass along your website and I just started to read your blog. Sounds like an excellent trip but aren't you getting tired of Mahi-Mahi? Will continue to follow your exploits.

Fair Winds and Following Seas (as my old Navy friends used to say)


gary and beryl said...

I think you mean 330 m to go! Nigel is all go on his upcoming trip Beryl and I had dinner with them on Saturday. Fiery Cross now back in the water after winter refit (ongoing). Boats starting to arrive in Whangarei from the Islands.The Undertaker

nigel said...

hey there better be some mahi mahi left in there for me.....