Monday, October 26, 2009

The one after

I had said yesterday that it was the last of the mahi mahi because
Claude and Jean-Francois had promised me that the next one would be a
yellow fin tuna. Well, it was again a mahi mahi, this time a little
smaller yet with only 40 inches in length. But we are getting
professional at that game and the fish landed in the cockpit without a
hitch. I did not even had time to take the picture.
Apart from that, nothing to report. We continue to enjoy good wind from
the hind quarter and all we have to do is to adjust the sails from time
to time when the wind goes up or down. The only problem is a damn
current against us which cost us 14 miles for the day. We still covered
134 miles over the ground (148 through the water) and we are now only
461 miles from Port Moselle. We will probably have to anchored inside
the lagoon to arrive at the marina after daybreak.

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