Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I felt the boat acting strangely. Going up on deck,
I found the rigid boom vang on deck. All the screws attaching the mast
fitting to the mast were gone. We suspect corrosion as no protection
against electrolytic corrosion had been put when installing the mast
fitting. So we installed the spare halyard as topping lift and that will
do nicely for the only 2 days that are left before arriving.
For the day, we have covered 119 miles over the ground and we have North
Cape almost in sight (90 miles) and Marsden Point at 224 miles.
We have to eat as much meat as we can, since we know that the health
authorities in New Zealand are likely to confiscate all meat, fruits and
veggies left when we arrive.
I also have a ton of documents to fill in and I expect to spend quite
some time tomorrow doing that once we are in flat water in the lee of
the land.
We are again motoring with a SW wind of less than 6 knots. We should get
a following wind of 15 knots or more once we turn the corner beyond N. Cape.

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big hopper said...

This is a good sign. I have posted some preliminary pictures of the NY zaf on Where are YOUR pictures? The ones from the trip, after Florida?
Good luck with your boomvang and enjoy your long hot shower.
- Big Hopper -