Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lazy wind

Motoring, motoring and more motoring. In the last 24 hours we have been
motoring for more than 20 hours. It sucks ! And despite threats of gale
force wind from the SW, we continue to crawl forward in less than 10
knots wind. We are less than 200 miles from N.Cape, but I have a feeling
that getting there will be harder than pullilng teeth.
Not much to say otherwise. Yesterday, I have been allowed to get into
the galley and prepare mayonnaise for the potatoe salad that
Marie-Laurence had prepared together with a breaded Mahi Mahi.
The gribs are not all that good for tomorrow either and we may have to
do more motoring. So to save fuel, we keep sailing in this weak and
sickening wind. For the last day, we have covered 127 miles, and thanks
to a redrawing of the course to Marsden Point which saved 7 miles, we
only have 339 miles left to get there. I dare not guess and ETA any more.

1 comment:

joanna said...

Ah, so Nigel did get to eat his favourite Mahimahi :-)
Looks like the high pressure has finally moved across & caught up with you... There will be some wind tomorrow and the direction looks northwest, so should be a pleasant run down the coast.
Any more sightings of UFO's???