Saturday, November 7, 2009

Into the wind

Second day at sea. As predicted we are having to sail into the wind and
on a course that would take us 300 miles WSW of Norfolk Island before we
can tack and sail back hopefully towards North Cape. The forward part of
the boat is somewhere between humid and wet and Marie Laurence moved
back into the main cabin and had a good sleep last night. She is still
holding up very very well and I hardly have to venture into the galley.
The force of the wind continues to go up and down, from 10 knots to 35
and we keep having to adjust the sails. A strong swell has developped on
our beam and we are rolling quite a bit. We expect to stay on that
course until November 10th and then tack. After that, we will still have
some 750 miles to go and we are hoping that no nasty weather will
develop north of New Zealand.
If the gribs are correct, the wind should drop a little around midnight
tonight and we should possibly steeer a better course.

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gary and beryl said...

OK you guys,-- keep at it should come right! Thinkin' of you all. Gary