Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back to normal

We are now out of the area of strong SE wind and the boat is starting
again to look like a cruising boat. We even, for the first time on this
trip, had lunch together in the main cabin. The wind has slackened a
lot, still being from ESE, but we are expecting it to start veering to
SW this afternoon and tonigh, so that we can go about tomorrow and head
for Norfolk island at first, then gradually turn towards North Cape.
Marie Laurence has now established her authority over the aspect of the
boat and her crew, and is gently inciting us to keep everything looking
civilised, clean and orderly. I find it super pleasant. As for Nigel, I
already said it, he acts as a super pro and is a very precious help for
me in helping with setting up the boat and taking the proper options.
For the last 24 hours, we have covered 134 miles over the ground.
Impossible at this point to tell how many miles are left to get to our
destination. I believe that we have 850 miles to go and that we will get
to the Marsden Point marina in the morning of the 16th to do the arrival
clearance before sailing up the river to the Whangarei marina.
Today, we moved the clock forward one hour to be at the same time as New

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joanna said...

Hi There! Glad to hear the wind is being kinder to you and I hope the "Paihia Bomb" has been working well? Looks like that high pressure is pretty tenacious & will hang around till the weekend before moving off east, meanwhile we keep getting a procession of nasty cold fronts with southerlies. Here's hoping it all works out for you & looking forward to meeting you in Whangarei :-)
Lots of Love to Nigel