Saturday, December 5, 2009

The bike is out

Finally, finally I did my first ride after 6 months of inactivity. Actually, the bike was in Auckland since we got here as it had to be serviced seriously after such  long time at sea.
This morning, I was feeling very lousy waking up and my body was forcefully telling me to put an end to all this partying and wine drinking and to get on with getting back in shape. Although the weather was beautiful, it took me some time to gather enough energy to dress up, prepare the bike and go. I only did 12 miles and at a relatively slow pace, and I felt like I did when I first started riding back in 2001. Fortunately, I have a little bit of experience and I won't make stupid mistakes like overdoing it and be forced to stop for a long time. My next ride will be the day after tomorrow, and I will gradually increase the mileage until I get back to almost regular rides.
Projects on the boat are progressing, not at a tremendous pace, but progressing anyhow. The work on the sails is over, the connection between the dodger and the bimini is no longer leaking between zipper ends and the rigger has done his first preliminary inspection.
I am seriously considering changing all the standing rigging here. It is more than 10 years old and it will have to be changed soon anyway, and here is probably the best place to do it, pricewise and qualitywise.
Yesterday was a busy day. It started with cooking lessons on fried eggs and mayonnaise at Beryl and Gary. Then a little bit of work to remove the tape on the shrouds for the rigger's inspection and then it was off to a barbecue at Rob's with Gary and Beryl, Peter Youngman and Cathy and of course the hosts Rob and Marg.
It is supposed to rain tomorrow, which gives me another excuse not to start with the varnish outside, but I probably can work on the winches.

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Robert - C. the Big Hopper said...

Your standing rigging is 10 years old. Could you describe how the surveyor handled the inspection process? Did he use ultra-sound, a dye or just a loupe?
What damage did he find?