Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am disappointing myself big time. On Tuesday, woke up at 5, then thought "well, let's wait for the alarm to go off at 6:30". At 6:30, the alarm goes off. I think, "well, it's early, let's wait for 7:00". Finally, a little after 7 got up. Made breakfast. Messed around a little on the computer, answered and sent email. Then did my spanish lesson on Rosetta Stone. Then, time was saying almost 11:00. At that point, knew I had to get on my bike which I did. I went this time for a little climbing and a little more distance than on Sunday. Came back to the boat at 11:00 and thought that it was too late to start the varnish. Went for lunch. Came back and felt that it was time for a nap. Tried to nap but fortunately I had that day more visitors than I have had in the first two weeks and I had to give up the nap. Then Guillaume came and there was no more procastinating and I went on with sanding the wood for the varnish.
I can't believe that I am that lazy ! Next day, almost same story except that I did not have to do a bike ride (I have planned one every other day). But I did not do my spanish lesson and did nothing on the blog. Then, since I had invited Bertrand for dinner, it was time to go to the market and get something for the dinner. For the whole day, all I can claim is to have completed the sanding and have applied the first coat of varnish. Still so much to do and I am doing so little. I need to find a way to get more energy . . .

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Gary Johnson said...

Finally! Welcome to the age of retirement.