Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A short week not so busy !

Well, still no bicycling ! But I am conviced that all it requires is patience. Today the pain has practically gone away, except when I have to walk down the steep ramp leading to the pontoon with all my weight (which had gone heavier in the last six months) bearing on the knees. But a few more days and I should be OK. Anyway, while I am reduced to walking and spending more time on the boat, it gives me time to progress for all those small projects that add up anyway. Varnishing on the outside is done, the bunk behind the chart table is almost done. I only have to put back the lighting and hide the fill pipe for the water tank. There is not much overhead space and whoever will use that bunk can forget about bending his or her knees while there. But, on the other hand, I think that in terms of movements and dryness, it will be a very good bunk.
The whole system of controling gaz leaks and shutting down the Propane bottle throught the solenoid has been fixed. Actually, I replaced the control unit and the wires which turned out to be badly corroded in a place totally inaccessible. Works well now. I replaced on my computer the DVD player which had given up.
The control box in the cockpit for the Navico autopilot could not be replaced as it is impossible to find spares. But the electro
nicians here did a very fine job. It turned out that the LED not only had become d
efective, but also there was a faulty connection which might explain why the pilot would from time to time quit. I will see once at sea, but one thing for sure, the unit has to be protected from water.
The only two items left for the electronicians are the AIS receiver which quits with no obviou
s reasons, and the SSB that I want to be working well and reliably for the trip around South African. This will be done either between Cristmans and New Year, or during the first half of January.
The pontoon has been deserted by its usual occupants. Bertrand, on Rackham, has gone back to France until early February. Very kindly, he has offered to let me use the car that he purchased here (a Toyota Camry in good shape) which will be a very great help for shopping but also touring. Dider and Chantal Beauchene on Sea Lance have welcome children and grand children and have left for Auckland and probably some cruising in the islands. Cat Mousses has gone to the other side of the river, before leaving for a local cruise. And Christian, on Cosinus, has left some time ago al
ready and would probably come back late January.
So, I am expecting to spend a quiet Christmas here, which suits me well. It also gives me time to call family and friends on the phone, although for the last two days the internet connection has become very unreliable.
I have not decided yet whether I will go to Barrier Island for the New Year's Eve. I will play it by ear

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