Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free at last from the grip of the Wallabies !

This time, we have definitely left the area still influenced by the lee
of Australia and the Kimberleys. We continue to enjoy good wind, a
little unsteady in direction but with good strength, which is what we
need. Today, we have gone 162 nautical miles over the ground, which is
one of our best days so far. Still, I can't tell what part of this is
the benefit of the new Variprop prop. I reckon that we probably gained
on average 1/2 knot, which would be 12 miles per day. Not bad and
certainly very valuable on a long crossing. We probably gained 1 knot in
light winds, 1/2 knot in winds up to 20 knots and less as we approach
our hull speed.
Yesterday a stow away identical to the one that spent the night on the
solar panels near the Fiji spent the night with us. This time, it
established camp on the roof of the aft cabin, had a good night sleep
and flew away at sun rise this morning.
This morning, we also sailed through a band of very strong showers with
a lot of water in them and fortunately not too much wind. We could have
a real shower, complete with watering, soaping, rubbing, rinsing and
then some. Very refreshing. And we did not have to use our own fresh
water, of which we have plenty. At the rate of our consumption so far
(2.56 US Gallons per day for the two of us) we still have almost 80 days
Inside the boat was another story. The main cabin table also had a good
shower, this one coming through the passage of the mast throug the deck.
The spartite is brand new from New Zealand, the deck plate has been
recaulked in Sydney. And still, it leaks. This time Olivier think that
it is coming through the grove at the back meant for the main sail
travelers, and the one at the front for the spinnaker pole. We will try
and stuff it with silicone while we wait to be in the Cocos and do a
better job.
We are still making our ETA as July 11th early morning, but the forecast
calls for very light winds over the week-end and this might be delaying
us. As long as we get there before the final of the World Cup of soccer,
it's OK.

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