Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snail pace

We knew that Australia was big. Not that big. According to our weather
router, we can only hope to release the grip of the Kimberleys and their
light winds in the lee of Australia once we pass 120 East. That mean 660
miles after leaving Darwin can we only consider ourselves in the Indian
All night and all day, we have been struggling to try and make some
headway in following winds as light as 10 knots and never stronger than
15 knots. So today, we can only record around 130 miles over the ground.
I have the Cocos/Keeling in the crosshair of my GPS, but quite far away
(1565 n.m.). To add insult to injury, the sky is overcast and the solar
panels are very unhappy. It looks like we will have to run the genset
tonight to recharge the batteries (we have a refrigerator, a freezer
full of fish and the boat computer running and consuming quite a bit of
There is some good news however, and that is that the seas are quite
calm and we don't have to struggle to cook or work on small projects on
the boat.
We have stopped fishing for a while since our freezer is full. We should
resume in a few days.
Probably 10 days to the Cocos. We will be there for the final of the
World Cup. Hope we find a place with a TV there.

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pak jac said...

Hi Papy, there should be a final of the world cup at the Home Island Community Centre on the big screen. It's a 10 min boat ride to Direction Island where you will be moured.