Monday, August 9, 2010

Back on my feet

With force anti-inflammatory and a lot of rest, I am back on my feet for this last week in Mauritius. So far, I have only seen the town and I can't wait to see a little bit of the island. I know it is going to be very very different from Rodrigues, still there is a lot to discover.
Where we are, the marina of Caudan, is like a little island of prosperity, with top notch hotel, shopping mall and expensive restaurants. It is isolated from the downtown area by 2 underpasses guarded bysecurity. The town itself is quite pleasant, again with lots of small shops and vendors, but unlike Rodrigues, big shops and banks as well.
Being unable to walk long distances, I have not seen a lot yet. Instead, I have been concentrating on the boat and today we can almost say that we are ready to go. The deckplate has been cleaned and lifted a few millimeters, just enough so that we could clean it real well and hopefully recaulk it tomorrow. Could not do it today as they was intermittent rain all afternoon.
I still have to learn how to post the pictures properly on the blog. The new trick is that instead of copying a link to the picture in, I now have to copy and paste the html language which does not seem to include whether it should go left or right. As a result, it goes in the center and the text does not flow around the picture.
Patience, patience . . . .

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