Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out of commission !

It hit me almost as soon as we tied up. At first, I believed that it would not last longer than the first night. But since we have arrived, I am almost paralyzed with a very painful lower back, and I feel totally useless. Even sitting in front of the computer for some time hurts me so much that I have to go and lay down for a while before continuing.
We still managed to have the windvane repaired and the exhaust pipe replaced. On Monday we should see some progress on the leaks through the mast.Arrivee a Port Louis - 14
Yesterday, I could not take it any more and I decided to bite the bullet and go to the local clinic. I spent there most of the day, had a CT scan performed, and ended up with a prescription 2 pages long. At first, I was tempted to throw away all those drugs, but the pain got me to take the anti-inflammatory and a gel to ease the pain. After two days, it seems to work a little bit. I still have tomorrow Sunday to rest and try to get rid of it but next week I need to be able to move.
The boat is now ready, but I want to visit the island a little bit and we still have to sail to La Reunion which is not far but still some 120 miles away, which we should do in probably 18 hours. have changed their software and I have to learn from scratch how to post the pictures. The albums are still there, this had not changed, so to see all of them, it is best to go there. As for the blog, I will have to ask you to be patient.

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