Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leaving Port Louis

Port Louis - 39
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This last Sunday in Port Louis was, as I expected, one of the highlights of my trip. Francis came to pick us up around 10, spending some time first on Papy Jovial and telling us a lot about Mauritius over a glass of white wine. Then he took us to his house which is sitting right on Cap Malheureux, in a wonderful setting, with his only little marina, swimming pool an a great view over Flat Island.
And then around a delicious schrimp curry, the four of us, Francis and his wife Maryse, Olivier and myself, we continued the conversation and explanations about Mauritius. After that, we returned to the boat and spent a last quiet evening in Caudan.
Next morning, we went to the market for the last provisions. The market, not the supermarket. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetable, but we can only take so much that will keep on the boat. What a pity, as the quality and price of those veggies and fruits were really great.
Early afternoon, we had the visit of a senior customs officer, who was bringing back the salute cannon and the blank rounds that we had been carrying since Norfolk when Stew put it on Papy Jovial.
After we had signed all the papers, we got the cannon back, but the customs guy then asked us "when are you leaving ?" - Well I said, probably within 10 minutes, just time to cast off the lines.
Oh, in that case, we must seal the cannon.
Where ? We don't have any compartment on the boat that we can lock.
Well, it has to be sealed.
So, eventually, we sealed the damn thing inside the overn where we could put the customs seal around the handle to open the over.
Great fun.
The actual formalities at the customs house (health, immigration, customs again, coast guards) took a little less than 1 hour and by 15:00, we were under way, getting out of the harbour at 15:20.
It took us around 22 hours to get to Port Louis, good wind all the way except for the last 6 miles when the wind abruptly disappeared and we had to motor in.

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some quite impressive sailboats in Mauritus!