Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rain check

Port Louis - 20
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Up early on Saturday morning, one look outside, and all I want is to go back to bed. It's raining, but this kind of fine rain that is going to last all day, coming with a mist that guarantees no visibility.
So, after breakfast, I had to call the taxi and cancel. And then we devoted the day at some minor shopping, sorting out things here and there on the boat without real conviction. We went to the chinese district (the famous Chinatown) for lunch and went back to the boat not doing much.
In the evening, I took Ollivier to Pizza Hut, only because they have one table, at the corner of their outside patio, where the internet connection is good and free and I wanted to upload some pictures.
Never mind, tomorrow we are having lunch with my long time friend Francis who will tell us a lot more about the island than what we could learn visiting it on a taxi.
And since it rained all day, we could verify that the mast does not leak anymore and that the leaks from the portlights are no worse and no better than what we anticipated.
Life is good.


RickPam said...

We are enjoying your trip through your web page. Thanks Rick & Pam

nigel said...

leaks are all fixed - heard it a million times before!