Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Light wind

Last night, we were able to hoist the gennaker and to increase our speed
to almost max at 7.7 knots. Unfortunately at midnight (it always happens
at midnight), the guy broke and we had to take it down. I did not want
to rehoist it in the middle of the night and decided to wait for the
morning. By that time, the wind had dropped to less than 10 knots, and
although we put the gennaker up again, we are now crawling at 4 to 5
knots. Not very good for the nerves.
We have another 513 miles to go for Durban and 832 for Port Elizabeth on
a straight line. It appears that a low is likely to be moving up the
coast thursday or friday, and then another one on saturday or sunday.
None of those two appear to be threatening but they need to be watched
carefully. Both the weather guys from South Africa and my weather router
from Australia agree that we have to wait another day before making a
decision whether we head for Durban or go for Port Elizabeth, staying
outside of the Agulhas current.
Obviously, in this kind of area, the weather is the ultimate judge and
the decision will only take the weather into account, not our
preferences in terms of location.
As it's often said and very true in our case, time will tell.

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