Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All bets are off !

Decision made, agonizingly, to try and make it to East London. We have
594 n.m. to get there, with probably 6 hours of SW wind on the way,
therefore almost a guaranteed loss of three hours. And then, we have to
make it before September 5th midnight, after which a strong
Southwesterly is forecast to run up the Agulhas current, worse possible
scenario. If that were to happen (being late I mean), we would have to
go back out away from the current, let the southwesterly go through and
then get back in, at which time, we don't know yet what it is going to
look like.
This at least guarantees us four days of intense stress and a telephone
bill going up quickly as I keep checking on MaxSea grib files, UGrib and
Predictwind grib files. Surprisingly enough, today they all agree. It
must be a good sign.
We shoud normally making, but now it's in the hands of the weather.
Inc'h Allah !


Crows Nest said...

Good luck from the NZ Brothers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard,
Good to learn that your trip is going well so far. We are still gratefull that you allowed us to leave the ANGELIQUE II to the corner of the marina in Port Lois. We are already back in office but our thought are still in Mauritius from time to time. Wish you 'save sailing' and will follow your site to learn from your experience. Please pass our regards to Olivier as well.
Klaas Scholtens, The Netherlands