Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Papy Jovial express

From Cocos to Rodrigues - 15Thanks to very steady and quite strong trade winds we did not waste time getting to Port Louis from Port Mathurin.
We left at 9:15 on Sunday morning amidst squalls and showers, and very soon we found ourselves again in big southeasterly swell and 25 to 35 knots of wind. It was a bit taxing for the electric autopilot, as it would be for any autopilot having to steer a heavy boat on broad reaching and strong swell. But it did the job most of the time and we covered the 347 miles in 51 hours and 45 minutes. Through the water, we achieved an average speed of 6.98 knots, better than I ever did with Papy Jovial.
It took us almost more time to go through the formalities once in Port Louis. Slight exageration, as it was over in 2 1/2 hours, but it seemed like taking for ever. Health, Immigration, Customs, Customs again to search the boat, Coast Guards, and then almost all over again in the marina.
So here we are. We tied up in the afternoon at the Caudan Waterfront marina. Not an ideal marina as it is located by a parking lot and we have a constant flow of people talking, watching etc... But we have electriciy which will allow me to equalize the batteries, we have water and we are downtown.
In the evening, we were having dinner a Grande Baie with my friend Francis Piat, whom I had not met for almost thirty years, back in my working years with Shell. Very pleasant evening updating each other with our lives.
This week will be devoted to fixing the windvane, trying to fix the leaks, washing the boat inside and outside with freshwater.

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