Friday, November 26, 2010

Rest stop in Jacare

jacare - 08
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Jacare means alligator in brazilian. I was going to stop here only for two or three nights as we need to move on and be in Martinique late December, but finally we stayed four nights et we would have liked to stay longer. The marina here is very friendly and pleasant. It's a small marina, located in a very strategic place, and where you will find all the essentials that a cruiser would want : showers, toilets, laundry room, bar, snack bar, wifi with an excellent connection, and on the dock water and electricity. And in the nearby town, you can do all the shopping that you would need for the boat, possibly with the exception of spcialized boat hardware. But you can haul out.
Up the river, there are three restaurants where people go to watch the sunset over the Brazillan landscape, but without any construction of any kind, whille sipping on a Cai Piriniha (a drink based on Cachaca, lime, sugar and lime) and listening to the Bolero of Ravel. This piece of music has been played here every sunset, every day, rain or shine, for donkeys years. It has become a tourist attraction and I think it will stay for quite a while. So, tonight, we will follow the tradition and go there.
We will be leaving tomorrow early afternoon, one hour before low tide, so as to avoid the choppy waters of current against wind one we get to the exit of the river.

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