Sunday, November 21, 2010

Speed bump !

As much as the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean has been kind to us,
as much the fringes are not very generous in terms of wind. We had no
wind to speak of leaving the African continent, and since yesterday, the
wind has dropped to a mere 10 knots as we are approaching the Brazilian
So much so that to keep going a 4 to 5 knots, we have the gennaker and
no main to enable the Gennaker to collect all of whatever wind there is.
We only have 230 miles to go for Cabedelo, but they are going to be
tough to go through. We will have to play the wind and the current to
get there during the day on the 23rd.
Yesterday, there was drama in the galley. Olivier had decided to make
"gratin dauphinois", which are potatoes sliced in very thin slices and
baked in milk. The problem came from the door of the over which is very
heavy. When you open it, since the stove is gimballed, the whole thing
rotates a good 30 degrees and the milk spilled in the oven. Olivier then
slammed the door shut to prevent the milk to spill more, and one part on
the left of the door jumped out of place and we could no longer open the
door. Eventually, everything came back to almost normal, except that we
have to retrieve this part which is only there to prevent the door from
opening at more than 90 degrees angle with the face of the oven.
The gratin dauphinois was very good, although Olivier complained that
the potatoes were not cooked enough. But to me, it was a success. And
one in Cabedelo we should be able to fix the problem for good.
It is beginning to be hot out there. The air is at 90 degrees and so is
the sea. We still have this damn swell from the SE which makes us roll
and the sails to flap since we have no wind to hold them. We will be
very pleased to set foot on the dock in Cabedelo.

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