Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Viva Internet

I am again sitting on the veranda of the Terminus Hotel in Lobito and today we have Internet working quite well. So I want to take advantage of this to at least make a posting on the blog. In fact, we were supposed to have left this morning, but the wind was MIA and I decided to wait for tomorrow and see if we are luckier.
At first, it looked like we were in hot water regarding formalities. In Luanda, they had been kept to the minimum and we had left Luanda without seeing any authorities. But in Lobito, they found that strange and we had to go and visit the port authorities, or immigration, or fiscal police, I don't exactly know. Anyway, we were given a pass to allow us to go to the city in exchange of our passports which we will recover once we are ready to go.
Lobito is a small town much cleaner and quieter and nicer than Luanda. Obviously, not having to cope with millions of people and cars makes a change.
The marina is quite adequate, with electricity and water, but other than that it is practically dead. Don't know why, but that's the way it is.
Today, I lost the screen of my computer. At first, I blamed the computer itself, but I managed to get a signal on the screen of a backup computer, so it appears, since the screen is powering on and going through its power up routine, that the problem, once again, lies in the connecting cable. Nothing I can do about it here in Angola, and I can only hope that the jerry rigged set up that I have installed will last until I can find help, probably in Cayenne, but I might have to wait for Fort de France.
The night here is quiet, beautiful, we are sitting next to the beach, and we might as well be on vacation in a tourist resort. We had a nice dinner, and while I am having my espresso, I will close on that. Next time I come on the blog with a picture might be in Cabedelo, Brazil, around November 23rd.

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