Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is it. This time, we can say that we are in the Caribbean, as we
are passing Barbados. But very slowly. For the last day and a half, we
are crawling with less than 10 knots of wind at somewhere around 4 knots.
I am no longer expecting to arrive in Fort de France tomorrow morning,
but rather in the afternoon if we are lucky. There is no rush however
since our appointment for the haulout is on Tuesday morning at 10. But
it would be nice to arrive early enough to find out if we can find
somewhere to tie up and go ashore. If we have to use the dinghy, I doubt
that we will do that, Maybe if we can anchor close enough to the marina
of Pointe du Bout.
For the last 24 hours, we have only covered 137 miles, a far cry from
the 204 between Cabedelo and Cayenne. It is 5:30 p.m. and we still have
124 miles to go for Fort de France. Hopefully, we won't have to use the
engine too much.

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