Friday, December 10, 2010

Re entry

It feels like we have left for good the territories which were new
discoveries for me, and we are back in the all too familiar ones.
We just spent a very bad night. Intense thunderstorms, lots of rain,
some wind too although never anything threatening, and heavier seas than
the wind would let you expect, and Papy Jovial is rolling heavily. We
are safe, but uncomfortable,
There is some traffic as well, mostly freighters but some fishing boats
as well. Last night, one of those fishing boats was underway, most
probably on auto pilot with nobody watching, or they could not see
anything having left all their powerful deck lights on. In any event,
they were on a collision course with us, but all the signals that I made
towards them with flashlights remained ignored and I had to change my
course and speed in conditions which were not very easy. They passed us
very close, and I could not see anybody either on deck or on the bridge.
Not surprising but frightening. What if ?
Today, the conditions are much better. Few clouds but we can see the
sun, the wind is steady at 20 knots and we are reaching. We are
averaging 7 knots over the ground, which would make us in Fort de France
early on Monday morning. Papy Jovial is still rolling, but not as bad as
last night and it becomes possible to sleep.

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