Friday, December 31, 2010


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Papy Jovial has not disappeared from the Cyberworld, but time now is for family and reunion. Anne's stay unfortunalely is about to end as she returns home tomorrow. I wish she could have stayed longer, long enough anyway to wash away the consequences of a very stressful life. Hopefully, this short stay in Martinique will have provided her with a little bit of energy, enough I hope to face returning to day to day life.
Patricia and Alice have arrived last night and are looking forward to two weeks island hopping in the Caribbean.
In terms of navigation, there will be a change from coastal sailing and shuttling between the marinas of Martinique to sailing to the other islands, starting with Dominique, about which Patricia is quite excited. She has become a professional of the protection of the environment, and Dominica should be quite a feast for her.
I wish all those who have been following this blog (there is still more to come) a very happy and prosperous New Year. I will still be on the water in the years to come.


Jajao said...

All the best to the beautifull family.
We will need help in here, regarding environmental protection.
Keep on with your good winds,seas and sailings.


Big Hopper said...
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