Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rain check

In Europe, they have snow storms, to the point of disrupting air traffic. Here in Martinique, we got an unusual tropical wave. It went over the Caribbean just in time for Christmas, starting on the 23rd and it will clear by the 27th.
At first, the plan was to go to Dominica, but the harbour master of the Pointe du Bout, convinced us that it was not a good idea. I then went to plan B which would have been to go south. But once out there in the bay of Fort de France, the whole southern horizon was deep black and we turned north and went to St Pierre. St Piere is a small town that was totally destroyed in 1902, costing some 30,000 lives. There was only one survivor who at the time was in city jail and that's what saved his life.
On Christmas eve, we went ashore for drinks, but the town was not very much alive. We did not spent too much time there and went back to the boat for fresh oysters and champagne.
Having seen what the weather had in store for us, I decided to go back south the next day and we went to Grande Anse d'Arlets which is a very good natural shelter. Unfortunaly there is almost no telephone coverage there and a very weak and erratic wifi, which is better than nothing since the 3G network is not available there.
Hopefully tomorrow we will continue south and anchor in Sainte Anne, which is a place that I know well. There, we are a dinguy ride away from Le Marin and multiple shops, not that we need much, but we can always do with some fresh stuff.

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Big Hopper said...

Magnifique! Offer your family a great ( sight of the ) Diamant !