Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iron Sail

The dreaded moment when we have to hoist the iron sail has come. Since
we turned the corner around Tortola, we had been making good progress,
knowing that once we would get to the Dominican Republic, the wind was
likely to become very light. This morning at 9, we tried to fight by
hoisting the gennaker and it kept us going until noon. But then, the
speed dropped below 4 knots and the various forecast all say the same
thing, very light wind until the cold fronts move through possibly on
Friday. We have 688 miles left for Port Lucaya, but Sampson Cay, which
has fuel, is now less than 500 miles away and if need be, we could top
up the fuel tank there. We also have a moderate current with us,
possibly half knot, and any help is welcome.
We have a nice blue sky and sun shine, so we should be happy to enjoy a
postcard kind of weather.

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DearMissMermaid said...

Keep on posting, I spent years messing about in small boats around Tortola and ports beyond. I am still wandering the planet, just now doing it in my wheel estate (motorhome).